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so much tensiooon.

Sometimes I wonder if there's anyone who likes or appreciates the art I make.

These days, fan art of main-streamed anime's, TV shows and movies are very popular. Especially suggestive ones. When I check out a tag in any image-sharing web I usually log on to, the fan artists who made suggestive fan art get loads of 'likes/faves/notes/comments'. They have a lot of followers who tend to follow just for the smut they post.

Not to bash or anything, but is it that people really prefer the porn better instead of normal fan art?

I'm not saying that suggestive fan art is bad, or I just want more attention, but it's just strange to me that when I make cutesy fan arts (the sort that fandom loves to view), it barely gets any response from others. No surprise the normal fan art I make hardly gets noticed too.

What I'm trying to say is, that what should I do to get people to notice my art? Should I bow down to their needs of smut or kawaii stuff? But I don't exactly like to draw those!

Is there anything 'un-quality' about my art? I don't know, cause nobody hardly comments!

I know, I sound like a little shit here, but I just feel really sad and lonely about this.

Well, I feel that this is not going to matter to me now that I'll be going off to university in 2 weeks and I'll be dead to the online world soon enough.

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Hello, I followed your LJ link from the Hetalia community, I arrived here and I have to say that the pieces in this post are wonderful!

Hello! oh and thank you /w\\\\

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