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sugar sugar

sweet 'n sour, just how you have to face it.

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so much tensiooon.

Sometimes I wonder if there's anyone who likes or appreciates the art I make.

These days, fan art of main-streamed anime's, TV shows and movies are very popular. Especially suggestive ones. When I check out a tag in any image-sharing web I usually log on to, the fan artists who made suggestive fan art get loads of 'likes/faves/notes/comments'. They have a lot of followers who tend to follow just for the smut they post.

Not to bash or anything, but is it that people really prefer the porn better instead of normal fan art?

I'm not saying that suggestive fan art is bad, or I just want more attention, but it's just strange to me that when I make cutesy fan arts (the sort that fandom loves to view), it barely gets any response from others. No surprise the normal fan art I make hardly gets noticed too.

What I'm trying to say is, that what should I do to get people to notice my art? Should I bow down to their needs of smut or kawaii stuff? But I don't exactly like to draw those!

Is there anything 'un-quality' about my art? I don't know, cause nobody hardly comments!

I know, I sound like a little shit here, but I just feel really sad and lonely about this.

Well, I feel that this is not going to matter to me now that I'll be going off to university in 2 weeks and I'll be dead to the online world soon enough.

I think...
doubts in my mind aargh
my computer's gotten slower because of the fat amount of MB'ed drawings I saved. Makes me wonder how my laptop's gonna be when I get to college though.


sob sob art post sob
doubts in my mind aargh

And suddenly I forgot how to paint again


Reviewing; My idols Madarame Hiro and Asumiko Nakamura
Mister Sexy Smartass Megane Prussia
Please excuse my fangirling, but I just can't contain my excitement!

It's confirmed!! There's going to be a drama CD of Madarame Hiro's Scarlet manga!!! /screaming
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see you in the next 2 months!
enjoy the show
Backpacking back to bootcamp.

`We are the heroes and heroines of the country`
feelin' alright

An Earth without forests
Is like enslaved
Polluted by humans
Who only laughs

An Earth without air
Is lifeless
It will disappear someday soon
Without us knowing

An Earth without seas
Will become thirsted
It will disappear someday soon,
My poor world

Us, grown adults, celebrating
such pleasures that are lethal
What's the use of mature thinking?
When we are still soulless and heartless inside,
I wish for green everywhere

Corruption, oppression, self obsession
Pollution, depression
On my Earth

(the chorus below is sang in Kelantanese dialect. it basically says how our kids won't be able to experience the clean air and freedom we have now, how the elderly could live a thousand years old, how we keep on breathing bad air everyday, how dangerous humans can be, etc)

Oo... anok-anok
Tok leh meghaso mandi laok
Bersaing main ghama-ghama

Ale lo ni tuo omornyo berjoto
Koto usoho jauh ke daghi malo petako

Ozon lo ni koho nipih nak nak aghi
Keno make asak hok biso, weh
Pase maknusio
Seghemo bendo-bendo di dunio
Tok leh tahe
Sapa bilo-bilo

tl;dr, Our Earth is dying slowly while we are too busy with life's pleasures, who will take heed someday soon?


Hey guys! I'm back from National Service aka bootcamp, for a 4 day holiday semester break. I missed my home sooo much!

Wow, where to start. So much to share, but so tired. Well, see that video I posted up there? The song is played everyday before bootcamp's class starts, along with a few other meaningful songs. It's a great way to give awareness to trainees on certain topics, at the same time it lifts our strength for the day and our future. I know it worked on me ;)

So, my first month was a real culture shock, with the constant running around, physical activities and etc. We have roll-call at least 4 times everyday, damn at 6 am, morning at 8:30 am, afternoon at 2:30 pm, dusk at 7:00 am (for Muslim prayers), and at night at 11 pm. Then sleep at 11:30, and wake up at 5:30 am, repeating the same thing on and on.

Sounds boring? It really was. The first few weeks were very 'relaxed'. The only fun things went on were classes (it's like counseling, but fun with activities) and evening sports. It was very tiring nonetheless. I was starting to be very bored and became homesick by the second week (lol), but by the third week, I learned to focus my full attention to the activities, involve myself often, make my self busy. Stop thinking of petty things, and enjoy my days.

I pretty much got to settle myself with the living environment quickly. :)

I did keep a journal with me, wrote down some things when I had the time. Did you know we had to hand in our phones on weekdays? And we get them back on Saturday night until Sunday night.

We don't have any activities on weekends though. Might have a lecture on Sat mornings. Weekends are great because we get to rest as much as we want, but time passes by sooo slowly, it kills me to boredom. I prefer the busy weekdays better. I like to be on constant move, really. :D

I guess I can say, I really do enjoy NS life. It's exciting, we learn and do new things everyday. It makes me anticipate the next day badly. :p

Though, I somehow still can't believe that I'm here, back in my home, typing here. :)

I'll have to bring my camera after this holiday. Lots of new activities will be going on. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, I'm dead tired. :p

Gemuruh jiwa, semangat membara
Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa,

Menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa!!!

thoughts and fan-girling
doubts in my mind aargh


YOU SEE? I can bet his pretty mouth can do wonders lololololo


/apparently Masamune's voiced by the same guy who voiced doumeki shizuka/haruka in xxxHolic, kyaan <3


Now to some serious stuff;

I’m up to battling against Adachi (Persona 4), but I don’t want to go through it. I don’t want to end the game so soon. I don’t know why, but I don’t even feel like continuing.

I got this sort of feeling so many times while playing games. I got it when I was playing Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Earthbound, Devil May Cry, even Persona 3.
I guess it’s because, when the game’s over, I won’t get that ‘thrilling’ feeling again? That excited feeling you get before continuing, stuff that gets you thinking you can’t wait to level the characters up, to explore the world more and to feel that satisfaction defeating boss enemies.

I love those feelings, how I’m so pumped with anticipation to continue my part in the games. My parents might go, “This game again? It’s so boring, how can you play it when you’re just repeating the same things over and over?” But I don’t care really, I just love the thrill.

Sometimes when I play games, it’s like an escape from reality to me. I imagine myself in the hero’s shoes, surrounded by trustworthy friends who would fight alongside with you ‘till the end, gaining power to defeat the evil bad guys, even though I would realize soon that you can hardly achieve these in your reality.

It’s amazing really, how such petty things can have such influence into our minds. But I love it.

(no subject)
enjoy the show
Sooo I've started playing Persona 4 again! after a whole year of suffering exams last year grrr

I think I'm close to the end of the game. Not exactly close, but like, 4 chapters away from the end. I'm currently rescuing Nanako! DON'T WORRY KIDDO YOUR BIG SIS IS COMINGGG-

*ahem* What gets me very interested in the game is the serious topic on human emotion and psychology. Up to Naoto's dungeon, and now Nanako's which is dubbed as 'Heaven', I almost feel pity towards the characters. Having such problems that seems 'small' to us, but seeing how it can effect people... leaves me in wonders really.

Oh and I got Chie to be mySouji's girlfriend. She's so sweet.


It's getting pretty hot nowadays here, even in this usually-chilly hill. Makes me wonder, if it's already hot here in the suburban mountain town, how's it like in KL? My sis says it's Hellish hot :\

I guess the drought season is kicking in. It's like Summer or something. Usually the Monsoon season will arrive near August or so, so I guess that's why the sun's really going at it with its hotness. /haha what am I saying here lol.

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the misery!
Deepest apologies to my manager/s, the customers and crew-mates for me being such an idiot at taking orders in the drive-through section.

I feel so disappointed with myself.

It was basically, terrible, terrible service to the customers.

I don't think I will be taking that duty anytime sooner too, but I will stick to being the runner and presenter first.

tl;dr: Shit was so hard.

This is how I feel right now really;

doodles of my boys
feelin&#39; alright

i have an idea of a story, about a high-ranked soldier of another world stuck in our world, finds refuge with 2 orphan boys and learns that he can be ‘human’ despite of having heavy responsibilities in his life.


“No lovey-dovey during work, Louis,” Hanson muttered.

He just loves to play hard to get with him. Don’t give up, Louis!!

• w •

hanson/benjamin/chris/louis (c) me