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ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE FOR SCHOOL? I'm so envious right now, I wish my school had this kind of essays allowed. *___*

Seriously, AWESOME. There are several minor mistakes, but overall it's very well-written. Congratulations!

Hehe thanks! Glad you like it!!

Well, we are given 5 different essay questions to choose, and most of them are facts-based and one is to write a story. Since I suck at giving facts, I stick to story writing. Though, if the story you wrote is anti-climatic (as in 'it was just a dream' sort), some marks will be reduced. >_>

I think you'll get high marks on this one. Zombies and apocalypses do affect me, I read fic in that genre, and I can say, as a fic it's good, your portrayal of the protagonist dealing with the situation is better and more complete than I sometimes saw in long fics.

Maybe it's a good thing I didn't have to write essays and stories for our English classes: I'm afraid I'd submit something really inappropriate, like tentacle!fic or something horribly amoral and crazy just for the fun of it. :| With some Wilde's quote in the title. 0_o

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