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What I wrote for english essay today! :3
Mister Sexy Smartass Megane Prussia
Question 4: Begin a story with "It had been raining all day..."
It had been raining all day, and my feet hurts from walking a lot.
It was lucky for me to spot a safe-house a few feet away earlier. As soon as I went in, I barricaded the heavy metal door with an old work desk and a rotting sofa. I took off my shoes and wet socks, and hanged them on a chair nearby. I lighted up an old oil lamp to warm myself up. I looked up to the walls, full of scribbles left by other survivors that had passed by here before. Writings of farewells and survival tips were done by markers and spray-cans. There were two sleeping bags beside a shelf full of ammunition and an axe on it.
It had been 2 months since the mysterious flu outbreak broke out.
I remember that night I was hanging out with my friends in the lounge room, enjoying some snacks before going to bed. It was our second month of National Service program, and everyone was anticipating to go back home the next month. A participant switched the MTV channel to TV'3, and a breaking news was on. The host lady looked shaken, and she reported that an accident had occurred at the National Hospital in Kuala Lumpur that left many dead people. It was suspected as a terrorist attack, but a surviving doctor stated that the patients who were infected with an unknown virus began to act strangely violent hours before the massacre.

As my friends and I were focused in the news, the whole dorm had a sudden black-out.
The warden came in, telling everyone to quickly evacuate to the field. I remember like it was yesterday, seeing a helicopter picking up a few people and taking them to somewhere safe. When it was my turn to board it, I heard the other participants scream. I looked back, and saw one of the boys lying dead on the ground. Another was standing over him with a bloody mouth.

As the memory played in my mind, I loaded the shotgun I was holding onto with 10 bullets. I scavenged the safe-house for anything edible, but only found a pack of biscuits. I sat and ate in silence, cautious for any sign of movement outside the other metal door. I took out a map I had found earlier on, and began marking roads and shortcuts to use for my escape. When I came across an abandoned police station earlier, there was a working radio. After making sure there were no infected 'zombies' around, I switched the radio on. Someone was broadcasting in it! Whoever who was broadcasting stated that there will be a helicopter at the other side of the Penang Bridge every afternoon to pick up any survivors. I was so excited, I took out my map and marked the location. I didn't notice there was a zombie coming from behind, so in the midst of confusion, I accidentally shot the radio.

As I rested enough, I stood up. I packed a medical-kit, some ammunition and a few other necessities into my back pack. I used a spray-can to write on the wall about the rescue helicopter for any other survivors who might come by here later. I walked to the other door, took off the metal bar, and cautiously made my way.

I figured that if I follow the highway, it will lead me towards the bridge. I wiped my sweaty face. I accidentally shot a car earlier on, letting the alarm go off and attracting a whole horde of zombies towards me. Luckily I managed to make a Molotov bomb, lighted it up and threw it towards the coming horde. When the flames were slowing the zombies down, I quickly made my way away from that area. To my luck, I came upon the Penang Bridge.

As I expected, the bridge was long and full of abandoned cars. I picked up a walkie-talkie from a dead officer, and heard it crack. Someone was speaking through. I immediately responded, saying I am on the bridge, waiting for the rescue helicopter. The man in the walkie-talkie stated that the helicopter is on its way, and will be landing at the other side of the bridge. My heart skipped a beat, thinking if it was possible for me to run across a huge bridge full of zombies on it. I cursed under my breath, but said I will do my best to do so. The man wished me good luck, and warned me about the fighter jets that will be bombing the bridge down soon. I fastened the walkie-talkie onto my belt, and braced myself for one heck of a run.

My blood was running fast through my veins, and my breathing was ragged. I quickly snatched up a machine gun that was left on the road by a dead soldier. Running on top of cars was harder than it seemed in movies. I was sure that the other side of the bridge wasn't far away from where I am now. I peeked through a stained window of a car, and saw an unimaginable count of zombies on the other side. I took my last Molotov bomb, lighted it up, climbed on top of a car hood and threw it towards the horde, and made my way through the flames. At the same time, I used the machine gun to shoot at the coming zombies. It was difficult to get head-shots, but I had to slow them down.

I could hear the thundering sounds of fighter jets flying by above, dropping bombs behind me. The bombs vibrated the cars, and I fell down hard on my chest. I quickly scrambled up, ignoring my bleeding forehead. I saw a yellow helicopter landing not far away, and I did my best to run faster. I hear the pilot shouting for me to run faster, as the horde was closing in on us. Another man in the helicopter opened the door, grabbed and dragged my weakened self into it. He helped fastened the seat belt on me, giving me a thumbs-up and shouting "You did well! We are going home now!".

I let the empty machine gun roll onto the floor. My eyes drifted towards the bridge that was getting smaller in the distance, and saw the fighter jets dropping more bombs across the bridge, destroying it to pieces. The pilot's assistant helped clean my wound on my forehead. I felt so tired, I finally fall into a solitary sleep.


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ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE FOR SCHOOL? I'm so envious right now, I wish my school had this kind of essays allowed. *___*

Seriously, AWESOME. There are several minor mistakes, but overall it's very well-written. Congratulations!

Hehe thanks! Glad you like it!!

Well, we are given 5 different essay questions to choose, and most of them are facts-based and one is to write a story. Since I suck at giving facts, I stick to story writing. Though, if the story you wrote is anti-climatic (as in 'it was just a dream' sort), some marks will be reduced. >_>

I think you'll get high marks on this one. Zombies and apocalypses do affect me, I read fic in that genre, and I can say, as a fic it's good, your portrayal of the protagonist dealing with the situation is better and more complete than I sometimes saw in long fics.

Maybe it's a good thing I didn't have to write essays and stories for our English classes: I'm afraid I'd submit something really inappropriate, like tentacle!fic or something horribly amoral and crazy just for the fun of it. :| With some Wilde's quote in the title. 0_o

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